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Business Loans

Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP)
On May 19, Kern County Board of Supervisors approved a $25 million coronavirus relief fund meant for small businesses that have encountered difficulties receiving federal loans. AltaOne has the honor of being one of four financial institutions in Kern County to help facilitate a portion of these funds. To learn more about how AltaOne can help your small business in Kern County, visit us HERE.

Business Loans

AltaOne wants to help your business reach new heights. Let us become your financial partner for all your business lending needs. We offer a full range of lending products to help your business grow.

Lines of Credit
  • Cover short term needs such as purchasing inventory or managing accounts receivable.
  • Interest rates are typically lower than a standard credit card.
  • Pay no interest until you draw funds.
  • Can be paid down and used again.
Business Term Loans
  • Purchase of large items, such as a vehicle or equipment. The term will match the useful life of the item purchased to expand your business.
  • Interest may be deducted as a normal business operating expense for tax purposes.
  • Receive a steady amortization schedule with a fixed monthly payment for a fixed number of years.
  • Up to 80% LTV.
Commercial Real Estate Mortgage
  • Purchase, refinance or improve owner-occupied commercial and investment properties.
  • Interest may be deducted as a normal business operating expense for tax purposes. See your tax advisor.
  • Tap into your equity with either a loan or a line of credit to pay for ongoing or one-time expenses such as expansion and remodeling.
Business Visa Platinum Cards
  • Authorized users allowed.
All Business Loans require annual review of financials. Fixed and variable rates are available. Application processing time depends on the type of loan and complexity of the individual request.

For additional information about business lending, please contact us or submit a Request for Information form.