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Executive Team

Stephanie Sievers Denise Mattice Moritz Wohanka  
President/CEO Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer  
Not pictured: John Curl, Financial Risk Officer  

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for ensuring the members of the credit union are confident in their institution and the way it provides for their financial needs. They provide effective governance and leadership and ongoing oversight to ensure the financial soundness and sustainability of their credit union.  

Norman Alexander, Chair
Jay Chun, Vice Chair
Shirley Kennedy, Secretary
Elaine Janson, Treasurer
Don Cortichiato, Member
Margie Hannon, Member
John Little, Member

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee’s overriding concern is to protect the financial assets of the credit union and its members. They do this by verifying internal controls, policies and procedures are maintained and followed.

​Jay Chun, Chair
Christopher Costoso, Member
Kelly Youngstrom, Member
Kathryn Killinger, Member
Miranda Whitworth, Member 
Kelley McClean, Associate Member