It is with great sadness that we notify our members of the passing of Dixie Chantler, vice chair of AltaOne’s Board of Directors.  Dixie passed away January 31, 2017, after an unexpected health complication. 
Board Chair Dave Ostash commented, “Dixie was a committed steward for the AltaOne membership during all her many years here, but she was also truly a great friend to all of us.  Our AltaOne community will greatly miss Dixie and her volunteered talents.  Dixie served, not only currently as Board vice chair, but in each of the other table officer roles of the Board including chair of the Board of Directors for three terms, where she guided the credit union to many outstanding results in her near 15 years as a credit union volunteer.  She had a deep respect for all employees and the work we do.  As such, Dixie was an advocate for many employee programs over the years.”
Our condolences to all of Dixie’s many friends and family members.

Board of Directors
David Ostash, Board Chair
Elaine Janson, Vice Chair
Donald Cortichiato, Treasurer
Margie Hannon, Secretary
Jay Chun, Member
Nancy Hodge, Member
Bill Farris, Member

Supervisory Committee
Shirley Kennedy, Member
Norman Alexander, Member
John Little, Member
Jan McNeil, Member
Terri Seyfi, Member

Associate Supervisory Committee 
Greg Lane, Member

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