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Nominating Procedures

Notice of Vacancies
Dear Members:
Once again it is time for AltaOne Federal Credit Union’s Annual Meeting and Election.  Members are invited to attend April 10, 2019.  Additional details and information regarding the Annual Meeting will be provided to members at a later date.
The following volunteer official positions are up for election:
Board of Directors
There are two (2) positions up for election.  The positions will be for three (3)-year terms.  The Nominating Committee has nominated the following person(s) for these positions. 

JAY CHUN (incumbent)

Jay Chun has been a member of AltaOne Federal Credit Union since 1973 when it was the Naval Weapons Center Federal Credit Union.  At that time, he was a young mechanical engineer starting a career and contributing to China Lake’s mission in supporting the warfighter.  His professional growth includes positions of project management, branch supervisor, program manager responsible for annual budgets, recruiting and retention, team building, work-place efficiencies and delivering quality products to the warfighter.
In 2009, he began actively contributing back to our community as a volunteer on non-profit organizations.  His first volunteer role was with the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce board of directors where he also served as Chairman of the Board in his first of two terms. Jay is a current first term board director on the China Lake Alliance Board of Directors and a current first term board director on the AltaOne Board.
Jay looks forward to the opportunity to further contribute to AltaOne’s board and the CEO’s efforts to strategically plan, grow and improve AltaOne’s products and services to its members, if elected to another term on the AltaOne Board.
NANCY HODGE (incumbent)

Nancy Hodge worked for the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake for 34 years as a budget analyst, accounting officer, software developer, and as the Comptroller/C.F.O. for the last 7 of those 34 years.  Upon retirement she obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant license, taught at Sierra Sands Unified School District and is currently employed by the Base as a consultant/training director for business and financial managers. Nancy obtained her Accounting degree from New Mexico State University and her Master’s degree in software development from the University of Southern California. She is currently working to become a certified AltaOne Federal Credit Union Board of Directors member. She has served on the corporate board for the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and is a member of the Ridgecrest United Methodist Church.
Petition Procedures
In addition to the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee, qualified members may be nominated by Petition. This procedure requires that the nominee must submit a petition with signatures of at least 500 members of AltaOne Federal Credit Union and a statement signed by the nominee indicating willingness to serve if elected to the board. Petitions must reach the Nominating Committee Chair, P.O. Box 1209, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1209, no later than Tuesday, March 5, 2019.  Petitions hand carried to Office of the President at the Corporate Office, 701 South China Lake Boulevard in Ridgecrest, will be considered delivered to the Committee Chair.
The petition must conform to the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 500 valid signatures of AltaOne members.
  • Signatures must be accompanied with printed name and full address.
  • Only the primary member on a valid account may sign.
  • Only voting members may sign petitions.
  • A voting member may sign any given candidate petition only once.
  • The Supervisory Committee shall serve as the final judge as to the validity of member signatures.
  • A voting member must be 16 years of age by December 31, 2019; must be a natural person; and is allowed only one vote regardless of the number of accounts held.

Employees of AltaOne Federal Credit Union and members of their immediate families are not eligible for nomination in accordance with the Credit Union’s bylaws. If the number of nominees equals the number of vacancies, the candidates nominated may be declared elected and no other balloting conducted. Such declaration would be conducted at the Annual Meeting of the Membership, Wednesday, April 10, 2019.