Nominating Procedures

Notice of Vacancies

Dear Members:
Once again it is time for AltaOne Federal Credit Union’s Annual Meeting and Election.  Members are invited to attend April 11, 2018.  Additional details and information regarding the Annual Meeting will be provided to members at a later date.
The following volunteer official positions are up for election:
Board of Directors
There are two (2) positions up for election.  The positions will be for three (3)-year terms.  The Nominating Committee has nominated the following person(s) for these positions.  Their qualifications and biographical information are below.
Margie Hannon
Elaine Wunderlich Janson
Petition Procedures
In addition to the candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee, qualified members may be nominated by Petition. Those eligible members who wish to be considered for nomination must complete and submit the Official Application Documents to the Nominating Committee by March 2, 2018.  Nominations will close at midnight on March 2, 2018.  Please email cupeople@altaone.net to request the Official Application Documents. Eligibility criteria for candidates will be provided with the Official Application Documents.
Per Credit Union Bylaws, nominations from the floor are not permitted unless there are fewer nominees than available positions.  The election will not be conducted by ballot unless there is more than one nominee for each position.

Biographical Information

Margie Hannon retired in July 2010 from the Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake and received the Superior Civilian Service Award which is the second highest award given to a civil service employee.  She was the Executive Director (senior civilian) for over 10 years.  She provided overarching support to all departments in NAWS and liaison between China Lake, the next echelon, Navy Region Southwest, and the local community.  She has over 36 years of experience in financial and organizational management and extensive experience in personnel and facilities management.  Ms. Hannon is a graduate of Burroughs High School, Bakersfield Jr. College (AA); California State University Bakersfield (Bachelor Science in Business Administration); and her other education include classes in Public Administration toward Master’s Degree and continuing education through civil service training programs (various classes: organizational management, financial management, personnel, safety, ethics EEO, etc.). 
Ms. Hannon’s past activities include being a member of the group that established Vieweg Basic School, Parent Teacher Association, and the American Association of University Women.  She was a collection counter for Our Lady of Desert Catholic Church, Financial Liaison Officer between AltaOne Credit Union and NAWS, was heavily involved in the BRAC effort, and was instrumental in the signing of lease agreement between Sierra Sands Unified School District and Navy Region Southwest.  She is presently a member of the AltaOne Board of Directors (serving as the secretary for the past two years), Ridgecrest Regional Hospital Executive Board, counts the Sunday offerings for Saint Ann church, is a member of Saint Ann’s Traditional Choir, and the Roadrunners Car Club. She served on the AltaOne Supervisory Committee for five years (2 yrs. chair, 2 yrs. secretary) prior to election to the Board.
Ms. Hannon would like to contribute to the well-being of our community to enable others to have the same positive experience that she has had living here for over 60 years.  She feels providing sound financial institutions, viable accessible health care, excellent schools and spiritual involvement are essential building blocks for strong communities. Second, she has a wealth of skills that AltaOne may utilize.  Ms. Hannon is particularly interested in making the credit union stronger and community focused with a strong bottom line.  Finally, she wants to continue to “give back” serving in voluntary positions.

Elaine Janson has been a resident and member of Alta One Credit Union for 47 years.
She worked at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake (formerly Naval Weapons Center) for thirty-three years, the majority of the time service in a variety of positions in the Department of the Comptroller including Head of both the Corporate Budget and Budget Division.  She also served as the Head of the Office of Commercial Applications and Transfer and was a founding member of the Business Development Office.  Upon her retirement from the Naval Air Warfare Center, Mrs. Janson worked for the Sierra Sands Unified School District for eleven years as the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Support Services.  Mrs. Janson is semi-retired but continues to consult with the Sierra Sands Unified School District regarding current construction and funding issues and is serving as Co-Principal at St. Anns School for 2018.
Mrs. Janson has a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.A. in Public Administration
During her time in the Indian Wells Valley, Mrs. Janson has filled Board positions on the Indian Wells Valley United Way, the Indian Wells Valley Concert Association and is a current member of the Alta One Board.
In her free time, Mrs. Janson enjoys reading, opera, the theater, hiking in the Sierras and fishing in the U.S. and Canada.  Mrs. Janson and her husband Jim, are blessed with eight wonderful children and seven marvelous grandchildren, most of whom have accounts with Alta One Credit Union.