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Annual Meeting & Notice of Nominations

AltaOne Federal Credit Union’s Annual Meeting is coming!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
AltaOne Corporate Headquarters
701 South China Lake Boulevard, Ridgecrest
All members are invited to attend (social distancing enforced). In addition to the presentation of the annual financial report, elections will be held to fill four positions on the Board of Directors.
The following persons have been nominated:
Margie Hannon – Incumbent: A member for 50+ years, Margie has served on the Board of AltaOne for the past 6 years and the Supervisory Committee for the 4 years prior.
Elaine Janson – Incumbent: A member for 50+ years, Elaine started as a Supervisory Committee Member and then moved to serve on the Board during the last 5 years.
Don Cortichiato – Incumbent: A member for 50 years, Don has spent 15 years as a Board member, and 3 years as a Supervisory Committee Member.
John Little – Incumbent: A member for 20+ years, John was an AltaOne employee for 5 years, and has most recently served on the Board and Supervisory Committee for 3 years.
The Board wishes to express their appreciation to the Membership and the Nominating Committee for their support in ensuring the quality oversight of your credit union.