Privacy Statement

These agreements and disclosures contain important membership information, account agreements, necessary truth-in-savings account disclosures, electronic services agreement and disclosures, funds availability policy and wire transfer agreement and credit line account agreement and federal disclosure statement. Please be certain to read these agreements and disclosures carefully and notify us at once if any parts are unclear.

AltaOne Federal Credit Union Privacy Notice

Sharing Information with Joint Marketing Partners

The only unaffiliated third party business partner with whom we currently share your personal non-public information is with our Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance provider(s). They share the same standards for protecting the information we have about you and they follow strict confidentiality requirements. Our AD&D provider(s) are a professional organization that serves thousands of credit unions. AD&D insurance provides you the opportunity to take advantage of free members-only insurance, as well as purchase additional coverage.

We only provide our AD&D insurance with sufficient information to uniquely identify you, so they can mail you information that we consider to be of benefit to you. We do not provide any of your account details, such as PINs, balances or transaction records at AltaOne; nor do we provide your Social Security Number.

You have the right to opt out of information sharing with our AD&D provider(s). Please see section, "Your Opportunity To Opt Out," for information on how to exercise your opt out election.

Important Privacy Election: Your Opportunity To Opt Out

If you choose to opt out of the sharing of personal information we will not share any information with third parties to whom information disclosure is subject to opt out rights.

If you choose to opt out on accounts or loans you hold jointly with another person both account holders will be opted out.

Choosing to opt out of this information sharing may limit opportunities for you to receive product and service information that may interest you.

If you choose to opt out, we will process your request as quickly as possible. In some cases, because marketing campaigns may already have begun, you may receive offers for 4 to 6 weeks from the date we receive your request.

If you ask to opt out from our third party mailing list offers, AltaOne will continue to provide you with important member information about our policies and accounts as included in your periodic statement. You may not receive other mailed information and special offers. 

Once we have your request on file, we will never change it unless you send us new instructions.

If you prefer that we do not share personal information about you with joint marketing partners, you may direct us not to share this information by contacting us toll free at (800) 433-9727.