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A Cash Drawer Credit Union-1940s


  • Nine employees of the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS) found the credit union in China Lake, California.
  • Operations begin out of one cash drawer. 
  • ‚ÄčOriginal field of membership is limited to the Navy and government personnel of China Lake and their family members. 

1948 Growing Members & Assets

  • NOTS Employees Federal Credit Union grows to 616 members with total assets of $37,160

Becoming a True Resource-1950s


  • 3,269 members; assets approaching $1 million. 
  • Membership broadens to include other federal employees and retirees living in the area, as well as the credit union’s own employees

Expansion and Acquisition-1960s & 70s


  • Name changes to Naval Weapons Center Federal Credit Union.
  • Field of membership expands to encompass more of the community.


  • A permanent office is built at Richmond Road and King Street in China Lake. 
  • A more accessible office is constructed in Ridgecrest at the Sierra Vista Shopping Center on North Norma Street and becomes known as the “City Office.” 


  • Credit union expands to Boron through the acquisition of the U.S. Borax Boron Employees Federal Credit Union.

A Growing Region of Members-1980s


  • Assets grow to $137 million, with the help of the 1983 merger with the Kern Valley Community Federal Credit Union, which provides a branch in Kernville. 


  • Credit Union opens Lake Isabella facility.


  • Name changes to NWC Community Federal Credit Union to reflect the transition from an employee-based credit union to a community-chartered organization. 


  • A new corporate office is built on the corner of Rader Street and China Lake Boulevard in Ridgecrest.

50 Years of Credit and Growth-1990s


  • NWC Community Federal Credit Union celebrates the organization’s 50th anniversary.

Reaching New Heights-2000s


  • The new name, AltaOne Federal Credit Union, is formally adopted.
  • NCUA grants field of membership expansion, allowing the addition of Inyo County and Northern San Bernardino County.


  • AltaOne opens a branch in Bishop, California, the first step to serving members of Inyo County. 
  • Groundbreaking begins on AltaOne’s corporate office remodel in Ridgecrest. 


  • AltaOne begins offering financial planning and investment services to members through LPL Financial. 


  • AltaOne introduces business lending products.


  • With the opening of the Lone Pine branch, AltaOne expands its field of membership even further.


  • AltaOne’s charter expands once again to include East Kern County, allowing for a location in Tehachapi and two in Bakersfield: Ming and Riverwalk.

Gaining Efficiency-2010s


  • AltaOne undertakes to modernize its core system to provide faster processing times, more interconnected lending and account systems, and the ability to provide our members with the same great service more quickly and based on more secure, reliable and updated account information.



  • Membership is nearly 54,000. 
  • 13 branch offices, with two new added in 2022.
  • Community business impact over $100M