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The Journal Newsletter

The Journal Newsletter

AltaOne's quarterly newsletter, The Journal, is a must-read for all credit union members. Click the image below to view the most recent edition, or read The Journal below.

Photo of the Journal Winter 2019

AltaOne Employer Solutions

AltaOne Federal Credit Union has the opportunity to partner with area businesses to offer beneficial financial products directly to the employees of those business partners. As this program grows we hope to update our members on these relationships and how they are helping broaden our membership, as well as how they are helping those new members!

With AltaOne Employer Solutions we give businesses the leverage of increased employee benefits, at no increased cost to their company. We meet with the employees, help educate them on our myriad of products and services, and most importantly work with them to find the AltaOne tools that can most help their specific goals and situations.

This curated partnership means that the employer can have peace of mind in knowing that their employees have a strong financial institution, access to financial planning tools, innovative lending programs, and competitive rates and services all of which add to stability in the lives of their workforce.

Look for updates to come on AltaOne Business Solutions, and feel free to contact us for more information!

Help Kids Stay Safe Online

You may think that because your child is only playing a computer game, or researching a paper, that he or she can’t cause any harm. But what if, the child accidentally deletes a necessary program file? Or unintentionally visits a malicious web page that infects your computer with a virus? Another significant threat to children, is online predators. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy for people to misrepresent themselves, manipulate or trick other users. Children also face the risk of falling victim to cyberbullying. These threats are even greater if a child has access to email or instant messaging programs, visits chat rooms, and/or uses social networking sites.

What can you do?

Be involved –
Find online or computer activities that you can work on together. This will allow you to supervise as well as model safe use habits.
Keep the computer in your living space – having the computer in a central, high-traffic location will mean you can monitor the screen and deter or intervene you notice unacceptable actions or behaviors.
Set boundaries – Make sure your child knows the boundaries. These should be appropriate for the child’s age, knowledge, and maturity. Rule may include: length of computer time, which sites to visit, which programs to use., etc.
Warn about dangers – Talk to children about the dangers of the internet so that they recognize suspicious behavior or activity. Discuss the risks of sharing certain types of information (e.g., that they’re home alone) and the benefits to only communicating and sharing information with people they know.
Keep lines of communication open – Let your child know that he or she can approach you with any questions or concerns about behaviors or problems she may have encountered on the computer.
Consider partitioning your computer – If you’re worried that your child may accidentally access, modify, and/or delete your files, you can create a user account with set permissions and access.
Consider using parental controls You may be able to set parental controls within your internet browser. These will allow you to set filters or limited access to certain content, specific sites, topics, etc.