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Small Business Relief Program

The Small Business Administration (SBA) exclusive paycheck protection program (PPP)
window for small businesses with fewer than 20 employees ends March 9 at 5 p.m. (ET).

Learn more about PPP smallest business program here.

In collaboration with Lendistry, we are proud to announce our PPP Loans are available. 

AltaOne Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
Loan Application

Program Overview
Loan Application and Portal Guide

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Your Community Partner

Important updates on the
California Small Business Relief Grant Program
Update: Monday, January 4, 2021

AltaOne and Lendistry have partnered together to support our members and their small businesses, by providing funding for the California Small Business Relief Grant Program. This program is a $500 million COVID Relief Grant for small businesses that have been impacted by COVID and the health and safety restrictions.  Businesses may qualify to receive up to $25,000 to business throughout the state by early 2021.  For updates on the availability of this program, please click HERE.

Please click the link below to direct you to the Lendistry Application:
California Small Business Relief Grant Program Application

Important updates on the
Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP)

Update: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Kern Recovers / Kern Small Business Relief Program initially exhausted it’s $25,000,000 funding on Monday, July 20, 2020. On Tuesday, July 28, 2020 an additional $5,000,000 was added to the program and was depleted the same day.

No additional funds are expected to be added to the program therefore additional applications for the program will not be accepted and pending/in-process applications will not be submitted to Kern County for review. 

All complete applications currently in Kern County’s queue will be reviewed and additional approvals are expected in the next few days. AltaOne will contact you to sign loan documents if your application was approved.

If you applied through AltaOne for the program, you will receive notification from Kern County regarding your application’s status.

Kern Recovers / Kern Small Business
Relief Program Loan Recipients

All Kern Recovers loan program recipients must submit a KSBRP Loan Forgiveness Application and all supporting documentation to AltaOne within 18 weeks of loan issuance.  Forgiveness Applications can be sent to [email protected]

KSBRP Loan Forgiveness Application:  KSBRP-Loan-Forgiveness-Application_Revision.pdf

If the forgiveness application and documentation are not received within the 18-week timeframe, the loan amount may not be forgiven and will become due and payable 26 weeks from loan issuance with a 1.0% interest rate.

Kern Recovers Program Guidelines. Please click HERE

Kern Recovers Webpage  https://www.kerncounty.com/government/kern-recovers

If you have questions regarding the Loan Forgiveness process,
please contact us at:

Phone: (800) 433-9727 extension 7911
Email: [email protected]

Update: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Assisting our membership and the communities we serve is important to AltaOne. To accomplish this, the credit union continues to be committed to partnering responsibly as we navigate these unprecedented times.

The County of Kern Board of Supervisors has approved the Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP), which has allocated funds to support qualifying small business in Kern County through short-term loans that may be eligible for loan forgiveness. This program is not affiliated with the Paycheck Protection Program offered by the Small Business Administration.

AltaOne is proud to support this Program in furtherance of its strong commitment to service communities in Kern County. At the invitation of Kern County we have joined several financial institutions to facilitate the distribution of funds available through the Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP), which was launched on May 26th.

KSBRP Forgiveness Application

Apply to only one financial institution. Applying to multiple institutions could jeopardize your loan.

How are we supporting the Program?

AltaOne is one of four financial institutions providing its underwriting and processing capabilities to facilitate this program for Kern County. Each financial institution has set its own capacity and limit for this program, and when AltaOne reaches their limit, it may no longer be able to accept more applications on behalf of Kern County. Read more about how we are supporting the program HERE.

Specifically, AltaOne will be accepting Program loan applications and supporting documents from qualified business applicants, delivering complete Program loan application packages to Kern County for their final approval, facilitating the funding of approved Program loans, and working with borrowers after funding to submit their application to Kern County for loan forgiveness.  
The decision to accept an interested borrower’s application will be Kern County’s, not AltaOne’s. AltaOne will relay the County’s decision to qualified borrowers.

For approved borrowers under the program in which AltaOne was the processor, AltaOne will oversee the collection of documentation and the Application for Forgiveness when it is time to do so. Approved borrowers will be expected to respond timely for all document requests.

We are now accepting applications from borrowers who previously received a PPP Loan if they fall in one of the following categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Wineries and Tasting Rooms
  • Movie Theaters
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Zoos and Museums
  • Cardrooms
  • Bars (ordered closed 6/28/2020)
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Fitness Centers
  • Places of Worship
  • Offices for Non-Critical Sectors
  • Hair Salons & Barbershops
  • Malls

KSBRP Program Details

  1. We will update you at each step of the process from the time you submit your application, and at each step described here.
  2. You will be asked, and reminded as needed, to upload documents that are required according to the KSBRP process, program and rules. Not receiving the documents in a timely manner may delay a decision to each prospective borrower.
  3. When these documents have been provided, we will review your loan application as we are required to do under this Program.
  4. We will follow up with any questions or needed information.
  5. You will be notified when the review is complete, and your loan has been submitted to the KSBRP.
  6. We will alert you when the KSBRP has communicated to us about the status of your loan application.
  7. If the KSBRP assigns a loan identification number to your application, we will ask you to quickly complete the final, required documents before we can take the additional steps to fund your loan.
  8. We will communicate with you when we receive those documents, and when we anticipate funding the loan, typically within 2 business days if all documentation and responses to our questions have been received and are in order.
While similar to federal loan programs, the county’s program will only be available to local small businesses. Although we continue to process applications, we cannot confirm that all requests will be processed by the KSBRP before the most recent funding commitment is exhausted.

It is your obligation to stay informed of the latest guidance related to the Kern Small Business Relief Program by visiting their website, Kern Recovers

You may also download the Kern County guidelines by clicking HERE.

In order to have your application processed in the order it was received, please be sure to submit all of the below required documents with your application.

Documents required for verification of loan amount requested:

A valid Driver's License will be required for all individuals signing on behalf of their company or applying as an individual.

Other documentation may be requested depending on each individual Business concern.


What is the turnaround time for approval?
You will hear from an AltaOne representative within 48 business hours of your application submission

What are the required documents for this program?
Please visit the Kern Recovers Guidelines Page HERE 

How do I qualify for this program?
Locally-owned and operated businesses with under 50 employees and under five million dollars in gross revenue in 2019 may qualify

How much can I qualify for?
The program itself has an individual loan limit up to $75,000 maximum. Business will determine the amount based on tax forms and payroll documents stated in the calculation method for your business as described in the program guidelines. However, should there be discrepancies in the calculation it is possible the requested amount could be lower than anticipated.

How long will this program be available?
The program will last until all funds are allocated. Each financial institution participating in the program have set its own limit and capacity for the program. As soon as its limit is reached the financial institution will notify Kern County it has reached its limit.  Please reach out to one of the other three partner financial institutions (Mission Bank, Valley Republic Bank, and Valley Strong Credit Union) participating in the program to determine if there are funds still available.

How do I apply?
Please send all required documentation and your application to [email protected]

Do I have to be a member of AltaOne Federal Credit Union?
You do not need to be a AltaOne Federal Credit Union member to apply for this program.

Who can I talk to about the program?
Please contact us through email [email protected]

For more specific FAQ on the Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP), please visit: KERN RECOVERS

Last Updated: 5/26/2020


Kern Small Business Relief Program

Kern County is the lender for the KSBRP program, AltaOne is supporting the Program by providing Kern County its expertise and lending infrastructure to facilitate the processing of the loan requests.  Therefore, Kern County has established the eligibility criteria under the Kern Small Business Relief Program (KSBRP) Guidelines (“Guidelines”).  In addition to providing eligibility criteria, the Guidelines disclose information about how Program loan amounts are determined, and requirements for loan forgiveness. 

Terms and Conditions of submitting the Program loan application through AltaOne

AltaOne is one of several participating financial institutions helping to facilitate Program loans by Kern County.  The following terms and conditions are your binding contractual agreement with AltaOne.  By submitting your application through AltaOne, you understand and agree to the following:

1.  Kern County is the sole decision-making authority over whether your Program loan application will be approved.  Even if you otherwise satisfy Guideline requirements, Kern County may reject your loan application based on availability of funds and for other reasons determined by Kern County.
2.  AltaOne may decline to submit your Program loan application and supporting documents to Kern County for approval if it is prohibited from doing so under any applicable law or regulation or in the case of an incomplete application.
3.  AltaOne may cease its participation in the Program and decline to accept Program loan applications at any time without further notice. 
4.  AltaOne does not represent or guarantee that it will submit your application before funding for the Program is no longer available or at all. You agree that AltaOne is not responsible or liable to you (i) if the application is not submitted to Kern County until after Kern County stops approving applications, for any reason or (ii) if the application is not processed. You forever release and waive any claims against AltaOne concerning failure to obtain the Program loan. This release and waiver applies to but is not limited to any claims concerning AltaOne’s (i) pace, manner or systems for processing or prioritizing applications, or (ii) representations by AltaOne regarding the application process, the Program, or availability of funding. This agreement, release and waiver supersedes any prior communications, understandings, agreements or communications on the issues set forth herein.
5.  Forgiveness of the Program loan is only available for principal that is used for the limited purposes that qualify for forgiveness under Kern County requirements set forth in the Guidelines, and that to obtain forgiveness, you must request it and must provide documentation in accordance with the Guidelines and within the time allowed under the Guidelines, and certify that the amounts you are requesting to be forgiven qualify under those requirements. You also understand that you will remain responsible under the Program for any amounts not forgiven and liable to repay such amounts with interest, as more fully specified in the Program loan documents.
6.  Forgiveness is not automatic, and you must request it.  You are not relying on AltaOne for your understanding of the requirements for forgiveness such as eligible expenditures, or necessary records/documentation. Rather, you will consult the Guidelines and other materials Kern County may disclose regarding the Program.
7.  You agree to promptly execute and return any loan documents that may be required by Kern County as a condition for the approval and funding of the Program loan.