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Reloadable Debit Cards

Advertisement image for reloadable debit card

The AltaOne Reloadable Debit Card works just like a debit card and can be used worldwide at any location that accepts Visa. You choose the amount you want to load onto your card*, so you are in control of the amount you spend. 

Reloadable Debit Card Advantages:

  • Instantly add funds to your card anytime
  • No limit to how many times you reload your card
Financial Control
  • An excellent money management tool for teenagers
  • Spend only what you load onto your card
  • Purchase a card for vacation and leave your cash at home
  • Zero liability protection when you choose "credit" and sign your receipt
Easy Access
  • Use it at retail stores, online or by phone
  • Millions of ATMs worldwide
  • Keep track of your balances online
The reloadable prepaid card is embossed with the cardholder's name and may be ordered using a AltaOne debit or credit card. The personalized card offers unlimited reloads. Drop by your nearest MSC to get your card today!
Choose from the following options:
  • General Purpose
  • Student
  • Travel
*Minimum load amount is $20; Maximum load amount is $3,000.