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Save your money where it is guaranteed to yield a higher return. An AltaOne Term Share Certificate allows you lock in your rate of return for a fixed term.

We offer several term lengths, so you can choose when you want to cash out. The longer you wait, the higher your rate of return. Invest in a Term Share Certificate today.


Minimum Account Balance

Term Share Certificates: $500
Terms: 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60-month. 

18 month Bump-Up Certificate: $5,000
30 month Bump-Up Certificate: $10,000

Bump-Up Option


Our 18 and 30-month bump-up certificates are eligible for the bump feature which allows members to bump their rate to the current rate of the same certificate. Members are allowed to bump once for an 18-month certificate and twice for a 30-month certificate.

Service Charge

No monthly service charge.

Withdrawal Penalties

6 month - 30 days loss of dividends.1
12-48 month - 90 days loss of dividends.2
60 month - six months dividends.3


Certificates use a tiered fixed rate structure. Refer to our Rates page for the current rates. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance, paid quarterly, may be re-invested (compounded), credited to another account or paid to member.


Statements are sent quarterly.5


Certificates automatically renew at maturity, unless otherwise established at account opening.4


1 If closed before 30 days, the penalty is whatever dividends have been earned.
2If closed before 90 days, the penalty is whatever dividends have been earned.
3If closed before six months, the penalty is whatever dividends have been earned.
4 To prevent renewal, the member must provide a written notice before maturity of the intention not to renew. Members receive a renewal notice approximately one month prior to maturity.
5 If the account has a Share Draft Checking account, Traditional or AltaAdvantage Money Market or any loan then they are sent monthly. Members have the option to receive paper statements in the mail, or electronic statements through Online Banking.

Other Savings Account Options

Call or visit your nearest member service center for more information.