Personal Financial Coaches

New and Used Car Buying Coaches

Are you in the market for a new or used car? Use our New Car Buying Coach or our Used Car Buying Coach to help you get ahead in the car-buying game. These valuable resources offer insights on everything from researching dealer costs to negotiating with salespeople.

Identity Theft Coach

Don’t become identity theft’s next victim. There are simple precautions that will keep your identity safe. Our Identity Theft Coach shows you how to protect your personal and financial information, plus alerts you to the warning signs that someone may be using your identity.

Home Buying Coach

Our Home Buying Coach walks you through the home-buying process and helps you make the choice that's best for you. You can do more than just read the valuable information. You can actually train yourself on home buying, with interactive quizzes, checklists, role-playing, and more. 

Checking Account Coach

A coach, for checking? You’re probably thinking, “Hey, I already know how to write a check.” But there are things you might not know about your checking account. Important things, like how to protect your check from fraud, easy ways to keep track of what’s in your account, and how you can save time and money in checking. Go ahead and check out our Checking Account Coach.

Credit Management Coach

The Credit Management Coach will help you set your goals, reduce spending, avoid those impulse purchases, improve your credit rating, and much more. Here are some of the valuable features the Coach has to offer:
  • A tally sheet to record your expenditures and identify unnecessary costs
  • A goals worksheet to list and rank your goals, then identify how much to save per week to reach those goals
  • A calculator to help you determine your net worth
  • A credit card comparison worksheet to help you compare features and benefits and find the right credit card for you
  • Interactive quizzes to help you practice your skills along the way
  • Resources for credit counseling