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Personal Financial Manager

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Our Personal Financial Manager tool allows you to manage your money from your Online Banking account by allowing you to view your investment, mortgage, credit card, account balances, and transactions in one place. You can easily create budgets, categorize and track spending habits, and tag your transactions to see where and how you spend your money.
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  • Dashboard: You will find a quick overview of your financial standing on the dashboard as well as a host of financial tools that you can use to manage your finances.
  • Budget: Track your spending by adding targets that will help you better control expenses such as shopping or dining out. When you establish spending targets, you can also schedule notifications via delivery method of your choice when you are near your budget limit.
  • Cashflow: View incoming and outgoing transactions on a monthly basis.
  • Goals: Set a personal financial goal and actively set aside money you wish to use towards that goal.
  • Net Worth: Sum up your assets and debts and view pie charts to see how they are allocated.
  • Alerts: Add alerts to provide real-time monitoring of your financial situation. Alerts can send emails or text messages to you when certain criteria are met.

Looking for ways to manage your credit wisely?

Check out our Personal Financial Coaches page featuring an interactive guide that coaches you in managing your credit so you can achieve your goals.