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Online Banking General Information

What services are included in AltaOne Online Banking?
  • Availability to view your account activity, transfer money, set up bill payments, and manage your finances from a personal computer or mobile device, 24x7x365.
  • Bill Pay: A safe and secure way to pay your bills online.
  • eStatements: An electronic version of our traditional monthly paper statement.
  • Mobile Banking: A mobile banking app and mobile banking website for use on smartphones and tablets.
  • Remote Check Deposit: A mobile check deposit service.
  • Alerts: An electronic account notification service.
  • Personal Financial Manager: A way to organize your finances from all your accounts at AltaOne and other financial institutions and creditors, set goals and budgets.
  • Display Options: New display options are available including Spanish and large font.
  • Transfers: New transfer options are available including wires and ACH, all within AltaOne Online Banking.
  • Touch ID login from Touch ID capable mobile devices.
What are the benefits of AltaOne Online Banking?
  • We are partnered with an industry leader that offers the most effective, user-friendly and secure online banking program for you.
 What services are available to business members?
  • Whether you own a small business or manage a large corporation, AltaOne Online Banking has several services and features to assist you. You can use ACH services, perform wire transfers, pay employees with payroll deposits; make electronic state and federal tax payments; establish users with specific account rights; and much more.
What else can I expect with AltaOne Online Banking?
  • The member authentication login process uses a Passphrase or Passmark Image and Password, you will log in with your username and password. You will also receive a Secure Access Code. The Secure Access Code can be sent to you by:
    • An email to the email address we have on file for you;
    • A text message to the mobile number we have on file for you; or
    • A phone call to the voice number we have on file for you.
  • If it is your first time logging in, you will enter your existing username and password. Then you will be prompted to update your password to one that meets the security standards:
  • Next you will be asked how you would like to receive your Secure Access Code. Select one of the options on the screen and then enter the number you receive. Secure Access Codes are valid for a limited period of time. For login assistance, please contact the Credit Union toll-free at 1-(800) 433-9727.
  • You can have nicknames for your accounts in AltaOne Online Banking. To set nicknames simply click on Edit on the main page of AltaOne Online Banking.  Here you can enter your account nicknames and set the order in which you want your accounts and loans to display.
What is a Secure Access Code?
  • AltaOne Online Banking includes a security feature called Secure Access Codes. The Secure Access Code allows AltaOne to identify you and keep your accounts even more secure online by sending a code to one of the points of contact we have on file for you. This provides an additional layer of security from fraud and identity theft.
  • When you log in for the first time, or any other time using a device that has not been registered, a Secure Access Code will be delivered to you by text, phone or email. For your protection, the Secure Access Code will expire in 15 minutes. Don’t worry, if your code expires you can request a new one at any time.
  • If you register your device on login you will not have to go through a Secure Access Code validation process again for that specific device as long as cookies are enabled.  Click here to learn more about cookies. 
  • If you select “Do Not Register Device” you will continue to go through the Secure Access Code validation process each time you log in from the device. You should select this option if you are using a public computer, a device that you don’t own, or if you would like to continue to be prompted for a Secure Access Code.
What should I do if I get an “unsupported browser” message?
  • If you get an unsupported browser message, please make sure the internet browser you are using is the most current version.  If you are using the most current version, go to the Tools menu and check “compatibility view”.
How do I enroll in AltaOne Online Banking if I am a new user?
  • If you are an existing member who hasn’t tried online banking yet, or if you are a new member to AltaOne, you can easily enroll in AltaOne Online Banking.  Simply access the login section on our main website at www.altaone.org and click ENROLL NOW.
What should I do if I have trouble logging in to AltaOne Online Banking?
  • If you forget your password, please click Forgot Password on the login screen.
  • You are allowed 5 login attempts. If you exceed the number of allowed login attempts, your login will be frozen. To correct this, please contact the Credit Union at (800) 433-9727.
Can I change my AltaOne Online Banking username and password with this system?
  • Yes. There is an option in the Settings menu where you can modify and/or change your AltaOne Online Banking ID and password at any time. Requirements for both your ID and password are displayed in the system.
What Quicken/Quickbooks changes can I expect?
  • Click here for the steps to connect an account in Quicken.
If we have multiple users on an account with different user names and passwords, can we see each other’s information such as transactions and nicknames?
  • If you are using separate usernames/passwords, you will not be able see each other’s transaction information and account nicknames, with the exception of business accounts where the business owner can view all transactions.
Does AltaOne Online Banking have a Spanish language option?
  • Yes, you may change the theme to Spanish to convert the text from English to Spanish.
What is Text Banking?
  • Get your account information in a hurry using Text Banking. You can get balance information, review the last few transactions, and transfer between accounts quickly and without logging in to AltaOne Online Banking. Once you have enrolled in Text Banking, you can choose from a variety of commands based on what information you want sent back to you. 
Will I be able to use "text banking"? I am getting an “unsupported browser” error message.  How can I fix that?
  • Make sure you are using the most current web browser version. After the browser is updated, try again.  If you still experience issues, please contact the credit union toll-free at 1-(800) 433-9727.
Will I be able to use Quicken with the Online Banking system?
  • Yes. You can easily download a file and import it to Quicken from AltaOne Online Banking. Using Express Web Connect for Windows makes it even easier to keep your transaction history up-to-date.