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Secure Messaging

You can create a secure message in online banking or mobile banking.

To create a secure message:

1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Messages.

 Screenshot showing 'messages'

2. Click or tap New Conversation.

Screenshot showing 'New Conversation'

3. From the With drop-down list, click or tap a Member Services.

Screenshot showing 'Member Services'

4. In the Subject field, enter a subject.
Screenshot showing 'Subject field'

5. In the Message field, enter the message.

Screenshot showing 'Message field'

6. If you want to attach a file to the message, click or tap the attachment icon (Paperclip icon). In the Open dialog box, select a file to attach to the message, and click or tap Open.

Screenshot showing 'File attachments'

Note:  File attachments are currently only supported in the desktop application.

7. When your message is complete, click or tap Send. Your new message appears on the Conversations page.

Screenshot showing 'Send button'