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AltaOne SwitchTracker

We are pleased to offer you the AltaOne Online SwitchTracker!

Members can switch both their checking and savings account at the same time. The SwitchTracker makes switching all your accounts to AltaOne incredibly easy via secure email and organized with a personalized online checklist. The SwitchTracker also features a form for the vendors to be able to easily communicate their actions back to the member via email, which is also updated on the member’s checklist.

Printed letters can still be used for members who are not comfortable sharing their information via SSAE 16 compliant technology, or for vendors who do not have an email address or who do not accept change requests via email.


The AltaOne SwitchTracker:

  • enables all of the ease-of-switching as previous switch kit versions, now with the convenience and speed of secure electronic communications;

  • allows members to input their own information one time instead of over and over and over as is the case with blank forms that have to be printed and snail-mailed;

  • alerts member via email whenever a vendor responds with switching updates;

  • is totally secure, is SSAE 16 compliant and uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and CBC (Cypher Block Chaining) to encrypt/decrypt all sensitive information into our secure database;

  • helps members to switch both their checking and savings account at the same time.