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Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts
AltaOne offers two types of Money Market accounts that can earn you higher dividends and give you access to your money when you need it. The Traditional Money Market Account allows withdrawals to be made by checks, while the AltaAdvantage Share Savings Account does not. AltaAdvantage accounts are available for balances over $100,000 and offer higher dividend rates than the Traditional accounts.

Money Market Accounts

Minimum Opening Amount

Traditional - $2,500
AltaAdvantage - $100,000

Minimum Balance

The minimum balance requirements are the same as the minimum opening balance.

Service Charge

No monthly service charge.


Traditional - Six withdrawals or transfers allowed per month of at least $250.
AltaAdvantage – Three withdrawals allowed – transfers or cash only, no personal check writing. Withdrawals must be at least $500.


Traditional - Minimum balance to earn dividends is $2,500.
AltaAdvantage – Minimum balance to earn dividends is $100,000. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly. Refer to our Rates page for the current rates.


Itemized monthly statements. Members have the option to receive paper statements in the mail, or electronic statements through Online Banking.

Other Benefits

Free checks for the Traditional Money Market Account.


Other Savings Account Options

Call or visit your nearest Member Service Center for more information.