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eBill Instructions

Your upgraded online bill pay: How to use eBill

Photo of woman typing on laptopWelcome to the ultimate convenience and security

Your upgraded online bill pay has eBill so you can view, pay and track bills online. And you can do it all in one secure place.

When you set up eBill, you'll receive bill summaries right on your payments dashboard. That means you can see the payment amount and due date at a glance.

Now let's get started. Simply follow the steps below to use the upgraded eBill features.

How to set up eBill

It only takes a few moments to set up an eBill. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to the payments dashboard and select "Set up eBill" (A) under the payee's name
  2. Enter your login credentials for the payee's website
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and submit
Screenshot of step 1

How to know when an eBill is due

When you set up eBill, its' easy to keep track of when your bills are due.

  1. You will see an "eBill due" (B) notice on your dashboard when your payee has a new eBill
  2. At this time, you can view the amount due and due date
Screenshot of step 2

How to set up automated recurring eBill payments

When you set up recurring payments, you'll never worry about missing a payment.

  1. From the dashboard, select "Make it Recurring" (C) under the "Actions" column
  2. Select the payment schedule (D) you want
  3. Select your pay from account, amount and send date (E)
Screenshot of step 3

How to view eBill history

Once an eBill is paid, you can view it in your "eBill History" for 18 months.

  1. Select a payee on your payments dashboard (F)
  2. On the "Payee details" page, select "eBill History" (G)
  3. Now you can view the details of your past eBills
Screenshot of step 4

How to file an eBill

If you pay a bill by cash, check or through you payee's website, here's how to remove the "eBill due" notice on your dashboard.

  1. To file an eBill, select "File eBill" (H) to the right of your payee on your dashboard
  2. Once it's filed, the eBill will appear in your eBill History
Screenshot of step 5

You can download a PDF copy of eBill Instructions here.