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Logging On

What username and password do I use on my first AltaOne Online Banking login, and what steps do I take?
  • Visit our website or open our mobile app on your device. Enter your existing login ID and password. First-time log-ins from a new device will prompt a secure access code that helps us verify your identity. If you do not know your member number or are unable to log in, please contact us at (800) 433-9727. 
Will I be prompted to change my password and challenge questions in the new AltaOne Online Banking?
  • If your password does not meet the new requirements, then you will need to change it accordingly. There will not be any challenge questions on AltaOne Online Banking.
What should I do if my AltaOne Online Banking self-enrollment is rejected?
  • Contact the Credit Union at (800) 433-9727 to confirm that your existing information is accurate before trying to self-enroll again.
Will I need to confirm my challenge questions and pass phrase to log into AltaOne Online Banking?
  • AltaOne Online Banking uses secure access codes to recognize and register your devices. This is one of the security enhancements of AltaOne Online Banking.
What is a secure access code?
  • The secure access code replaces the challenge question and pass phrase used in MSCOnline.You need to enter a secure access code each time you attempt to enter AltaOne Online Banking from an unregistered device. The code is sent to you through email, phone or text.
  • If you forget your password, you may use the secure access code to recover your password.
  • Once you receive the secure access code, you have 15 minutes to enter the code in order to enter online banking. The system locks you out for one hour if you fail to enter the correct code after five attempts. 
Why should I register my devices?
  • You may register your private devices so it recognizes your login information. We do not recommend registering any public devices, at locations such as a library, for example.
  • Device registrations are per browser, so if you use multiple browsers on the same device, you will have to register for the additional browsers.
What are the password requirements of the new AltaOne Online Banking system?
  • Password length between 10 and 99 characters long. 
  • Passwords can be reset immediately after a change, if necessary.
  • Passwords expire after 365 days.
  • Passwords require at least one of the following:  lower case, upper case and number.
How many incorrect sign-in attempts are allowed before I get locked out of my account and need to contact member support?
  • The system allows for five incorrect attempts. If you are locked out, please contact the Credit Union at (800) 433-9727.
  • Remember, you may use the secure access code to recover forgotten passwords.