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Online Banking

Online Banking

  • Accounts displayed in moveable tiles.
Screenshot of list of AltaOne accounts
  • You can move your account tiles into groups of their choosing. To do so, simply click or touch and hold the account tile and drag it to the bottom right of screen.
  • It is also very easy to customize group names to easily organize and differentiate one group to the next. Simply click on the Edit Icon next to the group name.
Screenshot of accounts in groups

  • Once you have organized their accounts into groups, you can collapse the group for easier distinction and access. This is great for members who have multiple linked accounts, such as club, business and parents who have their children’s account linked to their own.
Screenshot of accounts in groups, but collapsed to only show the group name

Improved Bill Pay:
  • You can easily complete multiple payments at the same time on the Bill Pay page.
  • To delete or edit a payee's information, click on the “full site” option, or on the payee from the Pay Bills tab. Under “Manage Payee,” you can edit the payee information, or delete it.
Improved Bill Pay Overview

  • Improved mobile security features:
1) Touch ID now available for Android devices
2) Four-digit passcodes can be set for mobile access
Improved bill pay with touch ID (mobile)    Improved bill pay with four-digit passcodes for mobile access


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